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Our garden is teaching the children

Most people in Burkina Faso are subsistence farmers, and in rural villages such as Gando, it is an overwhelming majority. Families usually expect their children to help out in the fields, and academic education is not always seen as a priority. It is therefore imperative to give pupils a working knowledge of agriculture, and make sure the education they receive is relevant for them and their economic environment.

To this end, an allotment has been established on the school grounds, and a well has been dug to provide clean water for both the school and the village. Alongside their classes, the pupils learn how to take care of the plants without using any pesticides or fertilizers, encouraging them to use sustainable methods in future. In a region where food is scarce and most people have a very repetitive diet, the school garden provides an important contribution to food security.

The deep-well - clean drinking water is essential

The lack of clean drinking water is a problem in many places, especially in remote areas. It can be the cause to several diseases and is connected to early child death. In order to tackle this issue, a deep-water fountain which provides clean groundwater was built in Gando during the Primary School’s construction. So far, the village population has never lacked clean drinking water during droughts. However, the groundwater level is slowly decreasing due to fewer and fewer rainfalls over the years. Soon the water available in this deep-well will not be sufficient to meet the growing demand. This is why we are  planning further well projects, in Gando and beyond.