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The first primary school in Gando - a small wonder
How the first school of the Kéré Foundation helped to improve education for a whole region.


Teacher's Housing
Thanks to the thermally comfortable accomodation for the teachers in the village, lessons can now take place every day. 


The Primary School Extension
Since the construction of the school extension, 700 children can attend primary school in Gando today.


School library - education for everybody
The school library enables access to education not only for students but also for adults.


School Campus Gando
Finally the children can attend secondary school. Five of the 12 classrooms are already completed. 


We grow our own vegetables!
The ingredients for school lunch are fresh and healthy. The children grow them in their own school garden.


Mango tree-plantation - sustainable reforestation
Get involved! In this local mango tree plantation you can take part directly. Plant your own mango-tree!


Songtaaba Women's Center
The center for the Songtaaba women's cooperative is the hearth of the village. Help to finish this project.


Atélier Gando
We are building a research center for creative exchange of tradition and modernity.


Rainwater basins and irrigation system
One of our latest projects is this innovative reservoir that helps to irrigate the mango tree plantations. Support this project.


Sanitation and Hygiene
An important part of the local health system is the access to proper sanitation. We are building latrines for 1000 school children. 


First Aid Center in the village
We urgently need a new community health center to provide first aid and preventative care for the new mothers of Gando. Support this project.