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Art auction of the Rotary Club Berlin

An art auction for a good cause. The Rotary Club Berlin-Gedächtniskirche auctioned works by 50 artists from 14 different nations under the direction of President Michael Brüne and the German photographer Sven Hoffmann, thereby supporting the projects of the Kéré Foundation. Among the works were portraits of Romy Schneider, Konrad Adenauer, Joseph Beuys, Samuel Beckett, Klaus Kinski and Willi Brandt. We are honored to have contributed a photograph of the award-winning primary school in Gando.

Building for Community

The exhibition "Creative Africa" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, showed among others the work of Francis Kéré. Part of the exhibition was a chair designed by Kéré for our school furniture, which is made of recycled material from our construction sites. In the museum shop, a limited number of chairs signed by Francis Kéré is available for 1,000 USD. The Kéré Foundation benefits from this solution.

State of projects

Dear sponsors and friends of the Kéré Foundation: The following projects are currently under construction and require your financial support to be completed.


Songtaaba Women's center in Gando: Structural works are completed, clay walls are under construction, interior work and furniture are still missing. 


School library in Gando: Structural works are completed, exterior wooden facade and seating is still missing, interior work and furniture are still missing.


Secondary School: Of the planned campus with 12 classrooms, two buildings with five classes have already been built and are operating. Still missing: Auditorium, library, administration hall, sport-fields, three school buildings with seven classrooms in total, and furniture.


Atélier Gando. Exterior walls are under construction. Roof construction, interior works and furniture are still missing. We are looking for collaborating Universities to help finish the work.

Rainwater basins and irrigation system

We are happy to present one of our newest initiatives: Rainwater basins and irrigation system! In order to be able to irrigate a tree-plantation in the village year round, we are planning to build rainwater basins. 


The cistern system is modular and can be expanded depending on financial resources. The collected rain water of a cistern (5m/3m/3m) is enough to irrigate 18 mango-trees during the dry season. Our plantation is designed for 112 trees. In order to supply the trees with sufficient water, we need six cistern modules.


Support rainwater-basins

Radically simple

The Architekturmuseum der TU München will be holding the first monographic exhibition of Kéré's work (including his most recent projects), which aims to offer a comprehensive overview of the architect's life and career.


We would like to thank you very much for the generous and unexpected donation that took place at the exhibition in Munich! It is an important contribution to supporting our work.

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