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School library - education for everybody

The school library in Gando has been under construction since 2010. The shell as well as the large roof has been finished. Still missing is the eucalyptus wood facade, the interior extension, the furnishing and the equipment with books and some computers.

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Secondary School Gando

The campus of the secondary school will consist of five school buildings, an auditorium, a school library, administrative buildings and various sports facilities and is aligned for 1000 students. So far, we have completed two school buildings with five classrooms.

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Songtaaba Women's center 

The women's center is already used as a meeting place. At present, the massive clay storage walls with the integrated clay pots are being built up. We also miss the interior extension and furniture. Due to the lack of funds, the work is slow. Help with your donation.

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Atélier Gando

The building has been created in collaboration with architecture students of Francis Kéré and local construction workers. Currently, the building is at rest. In order to finish it, we are looking for partner universities to promote such participatory projects.

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The Water House

Do you want to contribute to Gando's agricultural initiative? Support our latest projects - the Gando Water House! With this big underground rainwater reservoir we will be able to ensure the irrigation of our tree nurseries all year-round and have available water for our numerous construction sites. 

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Sanitation and Hygiene

There are hardly any sanitation facilities in rural areas. We are providing our schools always with a toilet facility. This improves the local hygienic conditions enormously. For our campus, the secondary school, we still need a toilet facility.

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First Aid Center in the village

In order to improve medical care in the rural regions of the country, we are planning to build small care centers, which primarily provide an emergency services but should also provide preventive consultation for pregnant women and young mothers with small children.

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