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All of our projects can only be realized with your help, whether it is through occasional or regular donations. You can help us as an individual or as a company. Every donation helps us and brings us one step closer to the achievement of our goals!

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Become a sponsor

As a sponsor, you can donate monthly or annually and be regularly updated about our work and the Gando community. You can also give the membership to third parties. In this case, they would receive our newsletters.

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Sponsor a project

Find out more about our ongoing projects and contribute to your favorite. We are also looking for large donors to build new projects. If you are interested in becoming a large donor, please contact us by phone or email.

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Sponsor a class or give a grant for professional training

As a class sponsor you donate 99 €per year for four years. This donation covers the class’ school supplies for the year. Supporting a whole class instead of a single child, insures that all children receive help, and not just a few, avoiding competition among them. We are always looking for newcomers for this initiative. In exchange, you will receive photos and letters of the sponsored class and will accompany the children up to their graduation. If you would like to finance a successful school graduate you can also award a professional training grant.

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Adopt a tree 

In order to help secure part of the children’s nutritional needs you can sponsor a fruit tree. A tree costs 50 €, and is assigned to a student. With this tree, the pupil learns to take care of “his tree” using sustainable methods, and can then enjoy the benefits of the fruits harvested. You can also adopt several trees, alone or with friends, or offer a tree as a gift to someone special.

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Your own project

Are you interested in funding your own project? As a large donor, you can be the owner of one of our projects in planning. In close coordination with the Kéré Foundation, you can follow the progress of your building on site or at home. The building will then carry your name attached on a blackboard. We are currently looking for large donors for the construction of a health center, a mother’s housing project in the village, and the construction of a deep-water well. Please get in contact with us if you’re interested.

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Bank Account

With your financial support, you can make a strong contribution to our work.

Kéré Foundation e.V.
Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE19 1009 0000 5710 247007

In order to be able to deduct the donation from your taxes, you will of course receive a receipt for each collective donation over 200 € once a year. If you donate for the first time, please let us know your shipping address so that you can receive the receipt by post.

Email: moc.noitadnuof-erek@ofni
Telephone : +49 30 78991427


You can become a sponsor of the Kéré Foundation. You will have the opportunity to finance a complete project that we have in planning. Please contact us for more information! 

Our main sponsors:

Hevert Foundation

Tippet Rise Fund of the Sidney E. Frank Foundation (Gando Secondary School)